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      Wuhan Raycus Fiber Laser Technologies Co., Ltd (Raycus) is the pioneer and leading developer and manufacturer of high power fiber laser and core components in China. Sine founded in 2007, Raycus has developed 10-100W pulsed fiber laser series and 50-4000W CW fiber laser series. To meet the requirement of fast growing market of industrial applications, Raycus keeps expanding its facility and product line and has built an annual production capacity of 2000 units of pulsed fiber laser and 500 units of medium and high power CW fiber laser.

       In 2010, Raycus was certified to CE and ISO9001:2008 for the quality of its products and management. As a leading supplier, Raycus products have been widely used by almost all laser integrators in China, and identified by the National New Products Program and have been accredited as name brand products. Raycus has established international markets in Europe, Japan and many other Asian territories.

       Raycus is highly respected for its innovative research and development team, consisting of top scientists and engineers from international renowned companies. The company has built a very solid technology platform for the development of high power fiber lasers and core components. A number of its proprietary designs and innovation techniques have been patented in China and other countries. In 2011, Raycus was honored as the “National Key Innovation Team of Oversea Chinese” by the Chinese State Council.

       Raycus' mission is to develop and manufacture high quality industrial fiber lasers to meet and satisfy the requirements of worldwide customers. Raycus is working diligently to establish a national fiber laser manufacturing base in Optical Valley of China, Wuhan. The company’s goal is to keep leading fiber laser development in China and become one of the leading fiber laser developer and manufacturer in the world.